The Support Staff

Of course we can’t restore British cars every day without some support. Today I thought I’d introduce you to our support staff. The first is Forrest’s schnauzer, aptly named “Lucas.”

And then there is Nadiya’s doggy, “Notch.”

And last, but not least, our Mascot!!

Thanks Harry!

Dear Everyone;

 Thank you all for the wonderful work you did on my MGB. As you know I picked the car up on Monday 8/24/20 and then I drove it back to Novi. I could have picked a better day it was 89 –  90 degrees and humid but my MGB ran all the way 3500 RPM temp never went above 190 and oil pressure a steady 70#. 

 But what really stuns me is the attention to detail.You lined up the pleats on the seats,aligned the piping on the dash pad door tops and cockpit surround. Everywhere I look I see something else. The quality of work is spectacular. But the final word comes from my neighbor Mrs. Do. She asked me “New car?” She can’t believe it’s my old car.

 Please accept my thanks for all hard work and patience. You are the best

 Your Friend


Jeff’s MGB

I want to thank all you at Rusty Moose Garage for the work done on my 1979 MGB.

The car runs great and I have been driving it daily.  

You guys dis a fantastic Job    Thanks again 

Jeff B