Thanks Harry!

Dear Everyone;

 Thank you all for the wonderful work you did on my MGB. As you know I picked the car up on Monday 8/24/20 and then I drove it back to Novi. I could have picked a better day it was 89 –  90 degrees and humid but my MGB ran all the way 3500 RPM temp never went above 190 and oil pressure a steady 70#. 

 But what really stuns me is the attention to detail.You lined up the pleats on the seats,aligned the piping on the dash pad door tops and cockpit surround. Everywhere I look I see something else. The quality of work is spectacular. But the final word comes from my neighbor Mrs. Do. She asked me “New car?” She can’t believe it’s my old car.

 Please accept my thanks for all hard work and patience. You are the best

 Your Friend


Jeff’s MGB

I want to thank all you at Rusty Moose Garage for the work done on my 1979 MGB.

The car runs great and I have been driving it daily.  

You guys dis a fantastic Job    Thanks again 

Jeff B

Happy Customers Make My Day!

Mike, Forrest, and Curt,

I wanted to thank you again for the work that you did on my MGB.  I drove it from Hastings to Traverse City on Saturday and returned on Monday.  It was an excellent trip with absolutely no car problems at all.  Easy starting with the new choke, straight steering with no drift at all, and no idling problems at stops.  Nice response when passing and cruising at 65 mph.  I got between 24 and 27 mpg.  The range is because the gas gauge never goes all the way to full before the filling nozzle starts to shut off, so I am not sure exactly how much gas I used.  I have heard that filling the MG gas tank can be that way.  Oil pressure held steady at just over 50.  It was a bit higher before the engine warmed, but logically that makes sense to me as the oil warms. (?)  An oil change is my next DIY project.   The temp gauge held steady at straight up the whole trip.  I had the new tires put on the 9th and they ran well with the alignment you guys did holding true.  For better or worse I spread the good word about Rusty Moose at the Gilmore British Auto Faire on the 8th.  You may be hearing from a Ben, Michael, or Bill in the future.

Thanks again from a satisfied customer,

Alan Hanson