MG Restoration

Rusty Moose Garage offers complete and mechanical restoration of your MG T-type, MGA, and MGB's.  Please call to talk with us about your project!

Mechanical Restoration

Our cars are never in need of just a quick fix, therefore it is our pleasure to offer you our mechanical restoration service.  We call it, "Run, drive, stop."  Your MG will be a pleasure to drive again, and it won't leave spots on your garage floor!

Technical Advice

For the best technical knowledge in the industry, we suggest you visit John Twist at University Motors!

Restoration Fun

As our cars continue to age, it takes more and more work to get them on the road safely.  As you can see, we can make them as mechanically beautiful as they are aesthetically beautiful.

Beautiful Cars

Even cars as beautiful as this YT need their fair share of restoration.  This one is here to make it "Run, Drive, And Stop."  Full mechanical restoration of the brakes, engine, gearbox, and suspension.

Next Steps...

To find out if your project fits into our schedule, give Ben a call, 616-301-2888